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Eastern Colorado Council of Black Nurses Association Sole Hope Party

November 22, 2014

11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Blair Caldwell

African-American Research Library

2401 Welton St.,

Denver, CO 80205

Immediately following the Denver Section’s 9:30 am

general body meeting

Email Us at for more information

  1. Please see video on children who have parasites enter their feet that eat through their bones, and disable them from walking in Uganda Africa because they do not have shoes

  2. This party will be to gather blue jeans and plastics from two gallon milk jugs and 2 liter soda bottles (rinsed out) to cut in preparation of making shoes. For each set of shoes and supplies, we’ll each need to donate $10, which pays for shipping and pays the person in Uganda to actually put them together. Please bring blue jeans and plastic gallons to meeting, which starts at 9:30AM

  3. Some ECCBN members will come and host the Sole Hope Party as well as give us more information on African missions and their organization

  4. This is an economic empowerment project as well as a health project and Affiliates Assembly collaboration with international reach to Africa

  5. To learn more, visit:

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